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2048 by Oergg866 is now available in the shop!

The shop has been updated with new items and some stock changes!

• 2048 by Oerg866 will be available soon, ETA Oct 31, 2014
• Fix-It Felix Jr. cart only available
• Brand new Sega Genesis PCB's
• Hangman SG cart only available again
• NES Virus Cleaner is temporarily out of stock

Site News

Sep 27, 2014: Airwalk Studios no longer offers NES Virus Cleaner or Assimilate!

Airwalk Studios will no longer be offering NES Virus Cleaner by Sly Dog Studios or Assimilate by Nessylum. The reasons? One would generally assume there were some disputes between parties, or some interesting story, but it really is much more mundane than that. Roth (Sly Dog Studios) wants to bring production in house, and that's a fantastic thing. The team that Roth works with are very creative and talented, so it was only a matter of time before they brought everything inside. As for Assimilate, it was due to moving away from donor cartridge boards for products sold under the Airwalk Studios name, and producing a new board with new mapper chips is very costly. If you find yourself wanting to play the game, however, Nessylum does offer the Demo ROM for download.

It's been a while since any major change to the website has taken place, so hopefully everyone likes the changes. Airwalk Studios is always brainstorming for new ways to create interactive features to the website, and as more projects become finished, they will be incorporated into the website to create a more fulfilling visit. Other additions to the website currently include the shop by incorporating a shopping cart method so you can order multiple items at once instead of ordering items individually.

Some site features aren't enabled at the moment, such as the login or register menu options on top. These will eventually into the forums as well as other features of the site in the near future.

Development News

Sep 27, 2014: Mad Bomber with a dash of Affinity Draw Studio

Mad Bomber, while nothing has been done to the coding at all (a tutorial on some basic game development will be made with the Demo ROM), has had some new graphics created for the full game, as well as new game play mechanics and other things. More details will be released in the upcoming weeks.

One thing that's exciting in the world of Airwalk Studios is the complete redesign of Affinity Draw. Affinity Draw, while very useful in its limited ways, needed an overhaul. While it is functional (to a degree), it's still far from ready for a public release. However, due to a major milestone in the development of it, I feel it's proper to show a little teaser of what the program is partially capable of doing, as well as a sneak peak of the Mad Bomber title screen. You can view the demonstration here.

Affinity:Sorrow isn't dead and has been being reworked a little bit. One of the major hold ups is the lack of a pixel artist, however we do have a graphic artist that has produced some fantastic title screens and backgrounds. Development is progressing, albeit slowly.

Two other games are also in the works, one being Mad Bomber and the other is an undisclosed puzzle/platformer game. Mad Bomber is a Blitz!/Ocean Detox clone. More details will be available as development progresses further.

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