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Affinity:Sorrow is a role playing gaming currently being developed for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive. This is no ROM hack, nor is it a clone of any game released in the 16-bit era or today’s generation.

With a compelling story and beautiful graphics, this game hopes to meet every expectation in a game of this genre.

October 18, 2012: New items in the store!

Airwalk Studios is proud to team up with NESAsylum and Slydog Studios to release their Nintendo Entertainment System homebrews: Assimilate (NESAsylum) and NES Virus Cleaner (Slydog Studios)!

July 17, 2012: New concept art, new additions to the team!
For those who have been paying attention to things happening behind the scenes (mainly in the Airwalk Studios forums, NintendoAge, and SegaAge), we've been looking for a replacement graphics artist. While on the hunt, Armen had gotten a hold of us to assist with some, not all, of the graphical duties, and we couldn't be happier to have Armen on board. Armen is taking over the cut scenes (both full and in game), and this couldn't be more exciting. Below you'll find the concept art:

May 16, 2012: The store is up and running!

May 13, 2012: The forums are now up! Lot's of work still needs to be done, but they're functional :)

The folks here at Airwalk Studios have been busy working on some new and exciting things to bring to you. There are currently a few titles in the early stages of development, but don't let that fool you with the development of Affinity:Sorrow.

Hangman SG will be available again within the next few days, however only a small amount have been produced at the moment. More copies will be available shortly after, however.

The new forums are nearly done, but they won't ever be in their final stages. We are planning some fun things for the forums, as well as Airwalk Studios entirely, so stay tuned!

The latest Affinity:Sorrow demonstration video